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Certified Translation Services in Singapore

Receive accurate and efficient services from one of the city’s foremost document translation agencies.

Singapore is fast becoming a global hub with many opportunities lined up in the business and education sectors for both local and international citizens. With a diverse pool of talent, there has been an increase in certified translation services in Singapore to cater to demands for official documents to be translated and certified for submission to courts and government bodies, usually for application and verification purposes.

Offering a superior certification service experience

At Professional Translation Services, we provide prompt and accurate results for those who require certified translation services. Along with a certificate of translation, the translated copy will also have our company stamp and official signature from the accredited staff member to ensure traceability. Understanding that submission of official documents to courts and government bodies are taken very seriously, we conform to the strict guidelines which are set for certified translation services and the acceptance of translated copies. However, it is important that you verify with the necessary government bodies that our certification is accepted as regulations are subject to change over time.

An express service to ensure you get the required documents on time

Another unique aspect of Professional Translation Services is the ‘express service’ option we have available for certified translation requests. We can deliver the completed certified copy within the same day (subject to terms and conditions), making it much easier and efficient for you to get the documents you need, when you need them. Another advantage of choosing to work with our agency is our strategic office location with government bodies such as Ministry of Manpower as well as State and Family Justice Courts are just minutes away.

We handle numerous language pairs and different types of official documents that may require certified translation. Documents that require certified translation may include:

  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Divorce certificates
  • Education certificates or transcripts
  • Medical reports
  • Court orders

Should you require such services, you can drop us a call at 6908 5686 or drop us an email at sales@professionaltranslation.com.sg.

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