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Cultural differences, punctuation, nuances and latest trends - our team of professional translators understand it all.

Our past examples show how our translators add flavour and creativity to our clients' copy, and also adjust the phrasing to suit the context, thus serving the same purpose and meaning of your original document.

The languages that we translate into include, but are not limited to:


  • Chinese (Simplified/Traditional)
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Bahasa Melayu (Malay)
  • Bahasa Indonesian
  • Tagalog
  • Thai
  • Vietnamese
  • Arabic
  • Bengali
  • Hindi
  • Tamil
  • Kannada
  • Marathi
  • Burmese
  • Khmer


  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Norwegian
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Finnish
  • Swedish

Latin American

  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Latin Spanish
  • Mexican Spanish

English to Chinese Translation Online

China has shown phenomenal growth and is one of the new economic powerhouses. Chinese is one of the most spoken languages in the world. However, with thousands of written characters, it is difficult to master the complex written structure. This is where we come in. At Professional Translation Services, we offer high-quality English to Chinese translation services in Singapore. Our translation services help you communicate your ideas and information more precisely, thus enabling you to reach your Chinese-speaking customers. Our experts are capable of translating all types of documents, including marketing, legal, technical and many more. Translation experts in Professional Translation Services are highly qualified and they work with clients from various sectors.

English to Japanese Translation Online

Our Japanese translation services will help you draw upon the expertise of our translators. Our Japanese translator will help you capture the meaning, essence and style of your original document. Our linguistic experts in Professional Translation Services can handle different subject matters. They offer expertise in various areas, including legal, finance, media, marketing and many more.

English to Korean Translation Online

With international companies flocking to Korea daily, the country is becoming an attractive destination for foreign investment. Therefore, communicating in the Korean language will inculcate trust and interpersonal bond among business associates. Our Korean translator can help you achieve this! They are highly experienced and possess expertise in various fields such as finance, legal, medical, marketing and many more. Localising your website to the Korean language is affordable and also an easy way to expand your business.

We offer professional, timely and accurate document translation services at affordable rates. Call us now for a short discussion on how we can assist you in your translation project or contact us using this form.

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