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Proficient Typesetting Services for Your Translated Works

There are many questions on what is typesetting, and what kind of typesetting services we provide. In simple terms, we use your source font design, and then place the translated texts back in place, making sure the look and feel is almost the same as the source.

Typesetting can be a major area of concern in marketing materials that are translated into certain languages. At Professional Translation Services, we are always there for you when it comes to typesetting services, as we personally check the work that we have translated. We save you time and valuable resources when our professionals are called upon to typeset your material.

Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese are not difficult to typeset. However, the sheer volume of characters involved may cause you to spend unnecessarily on buying all sorts of fonts if you do not already have them. If you seek to typeset the translated language just once or twice, it is more cost-effective for you to approach us. Many of our clients who have marketing materials occasionally translated into other Eastern Asian languages such as Korean and Japanese, have found that using our typesetting services in Singapore is a convenient and cost- effective way for them to produce more marketing collaterals.

We also exercise caution for translated text in languages such as Arabic, where the text flows from right to left. We understand that many software programs fail to arrange text in the same way and therefore they corrupt your translated script. Therefore, when we typeset, we use the Middle Eastern version of the required programme, and then provide the text in an outlined format, so that your final artwork remains consistent.

We use most major design programmes, including Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop in our typesetting services. Our clients, both large and small, rely on us for a variety of projects.

Examples of recent projects include:

  • A User Guide for a technical manual supplier, set in 10 languages including Arabic and Simplified Chinese – providing the files in InDesign
  • Typesetting a sales brochure for a local company into Arabic, providing the files in Illustrator
  • Typesetting a bilingual English and Arabic business card
  • Typesetting a bilingual English and Arabic food label
  • Typesetting different language versions of a college brochure in Adobe Illustrator. The languages include Thai, Japanese and Simplified Chinese.

We offer professional, timely and accurate typesetting services at affordable rates. Call us now for a short discussion on how we can assist in your typesetting project or contact us using this inquiry form.

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