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If you are looking for translation services in Singapore or related services, such as document or brochure translation, website localisation, interpretation and transcription, Professional Translation Services is definitely the right choice for you! As a globally recognised translation company with its headquarters in Singapore, and with a team of specialists and professional translators trained in more than 40 languages, we have the confidence and experience to meet and exceed all your language translation needs.

Your needs may be varied: translate a few documents into another language, train your staff in business procedures or localise your company’s website to attract clients and orders. For these and all other needs, our team of experts will design a solutions’ plan that will be easy on your budget. We have worked with individuals, SMEs and MNCs, providing a wide-range of solutions to problems in wide-ranging fields of different magnitudes, and our clients have always been pleased with the services provided. Click here to take a look at our list of clients. Call us now and we will create a unique solutions’ package for you!

Our team is made up of experts and specialists from various fields, including project managers, linguists, translators, interpreters, editors, transcribers and copywriters. These professionals share a common love for language and teaching, which is why this team was assembled in the first place! With their experience and expertise, our professionals diligently study your market, industry terms and vocabulary to provide you with the best possible translation results.

As a professional translation services company, we are acutely aware that fast response is critical to the survival of your company and business. Of course, we will also ensure that our fast response is equally matched with the high quality of our service. In order to fulfil the demands of our global clients, 24/7 customer service is our mode of operation. This ensures that you get what you need, when you need, and also where you need.

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