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Have you recently arrived from Malaysia for work or study purposes? If so, there may be a need for you to translate your birth certificates, educational certificates and marriage licences from Malay to English to facilitate your transition to Singapore.

Singapore and Malaysia are close neighbours, separated by only a causeway. Every day, thousands of Malaysians commute to Singapore to work and study, with a smaller number of Singaporeans moving in the opposite direction.

Both countries are also multi-lingual societies, with English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil spoken frequently among the inhabitants of each country.


Malay Dialects Commonly Used

Written Malay, or Malay language in general, is primarily used in Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore. Even though the words used are usually interchangeable, some phrases are particular to each region. For example, it is common to say “Belum sampai lagi?” in Singapore, but in Malaysia, “Tak sampai lagi?” is more commonly used.


They both mean “Have you arrived yet?” Interesting enough, due to various historical reasons, Malay is both the national language of Singapore and Malaysia. Thus the importance and position of this language cannot be overstated.


Choosing the right Malay Translation Service in Singapore

If you have never engage Malay translation services before, you may think that just merely being proficient in two languages should be sufficient. After all, you can say the same thing in these two languages, isn’t that right?

Unfortunately, life is not so simple. It is true that being proficient is critical, but that is only the first of many requirements. Translation is a skill that takes many years of study and practice to hone.

Therefore, if you need your documents, websites or brochures to be translated from English to Malay or vice-versa, it would be prudent the engage the services of a professional translation agency or a certified and professional translator. You can check out more of our services here.


1. Years of Experience

How would one identify and choose a professional translation agency? Firstly, this translation agency should have been around for at least five years, so that one is convinced that it is not a fly-by-night operation. Various studies have shown that 90% of all companies will not survive the first 5 years, so by choosing one with a 5-year history, you are already assured of choosing the remaining 10%.


2. Clientele Portfolio

Secondly, many translation agencies will proudly showcase a list of their clientele on their websites, as this will attract potential customers and give them the confidence that the translation agencies are professional and competent in their work.


3. Malay Translation Services Pricing

Thirdly, you can call them up to ask for a non-obligatory quotation. Do you like talking to the sales staff? Do they put you at ease? Were they able to answer and address all your queries? Do they have the requisite translators in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei to handle the localisation into the different markets?


 4. Professional Translation Process

Finally, and perhaps mostly importantly, a professional translation agency has a system in place in order to ensure that the translation process is smooth and orderly. After a client’s order has been accepted, a suitable translator is sourced to translate the documents, and he is given ample time and resources.

After the translation is done, a proofreader or editor checks the translator’s work for any spelling or factual errors, and revises sentences that may need some tweaking.

Henceforth, once the translator agrees with the changes, it is sent to the client for verification. If there is a need, the client will make comments and changes on the translation, and the translator will make any necessary changes.

Of course, each translation agency has its own unique system, but the above steps can be found in most of them.

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