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Thai Language Translation: Sawadee Ka? Sawadee Krup?

With its amazing food, friendly and cheap prices, lush jungles, famed beaches and world-class diving, Thailand benefits from both geographic and economic advantages that make it one of the most visited countries and most dynamic growing economies in the region.

With a population of more than 70 million people, Thailand is an interesting place which has attracted countless tourists from over all the world creating a promising market for foreign investors. Whatever the reason behind your visit to Thailand, you will probably need to know some basics about the Thai language.


When your business attracts viewers from all over the world, you need to start giving your target audience more to grow your retention rate, all the more if you are operating in different countries and catering to different global audiences.

Thai is a complex and very expressive language that uses a number of tones, and is not easily mastered by foreigners. Using the wrong tone when speaking can result in an accidental change of the meaning entirely, and more often than not, foreigners who are not familiar with the language can end up articulating something that isn’t even a word!

When localising your documents or websites for a new region or market, you should consider every aspect that may have an impact on your intended consumer. This means, taking into account the type of local language (different states may have developed their own language or slang, while some multi-cultural countries may have multiple languages or even their own unique language – just like Singapore!), customs or even technology.

A Thai native translator can help you eliminate these accidental translation mistakes and bridge the gap between you and your intended audience by providing a better user experience to foreign visitors.


Regular translation probably isn’t enough for your business if you want to be successful in local markets. Because selling in a foreign country means more than overcoming language barriers, you will need to localise or reshape your content to gain the trust of the local public so that they feel as if you have built the content specifically for them.

This means coming up with a customised message specially made for a specific local audience, integrating yourself fully into a new market where you will need to take into account the target language’s grammar rules, syntax, standards and guidelines.

Need to tailor your documents or websites to meet local expectations?

Our Thai localisation experts can help you make the most of your investment and improve your chances of increasing sales and growing your business around the world. Besides translation, our localisation experts can also perform many additional changes such as using words and scenarios that fit in with local beliefs and traditions to provide a better user experience.

We can translate documents and websites of advertising/marketing nature and all official documents, including the following:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Diploma Certificate
  • Wedding Certificate
  • Legal Contract
  • Divorce Decree
  • Police Criminal Record
  • Death Certificate
  • Driving Licence
  • Bank Statement
  • Registration Document
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Passport / ID Card

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