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Did you know that Indonesia is a country with more than 18,000 islands? It is the most populous country in South East Asia with more than 250 million people, and has a thriving and growing economy. Due to its proximity to Singapore, many Indonesians study and work here, and many Singaporeans also visit Batam over the weekends for recreation purposes.

Translation Indonesian to English in Singapore

If you are an Indonesian citizen who has recently arrived for employment or study purposes, then you may need to translate your educational and personal documents to English. These may include birth certificates, driving licences, university transcripts and vaccination documents.


Malay is the national language of Singapore, and it does bear much similarity to Indonesian. Linguists disagree on the level of similarity, but some researches put it at around 50%, so speakers of Malay and Indonesian will be able to understand each other to some extent.

How to Choose the Right Bahasa Indonesia Translators in Singapore


You probably have not had your documents translated before, so might be quite unsure about the process. You may have many questions, including how to find a suitable and reliable translation company to satisfy your needs. Would the translator or translation company you decide to engage be able to translate your documents properly and professionally, so that the officers can process your application smoothly?

Experience Matters

This is a critical and extremely important point. There are many ways to go about it. One way is to search for translation companies that have been around for more than 10 years, rather than fly-by-night ones. These companies have stood the test of time and have built up a loyal clientele over time, as it is not easy to survive in the translation industry for 10 years. Ask these translation companies for their clientele list, particularly the ministries and institutions that you will be sending your translated documents to.

Visit your Professional Translation Agencies

Secondly, if you can afford the time, it would be a good idea to visit the translation companies. Do they make you feel welcomed? Are you confident of their professionalism when you talk to them? Enquire about their trained translators and the processes they have in place when taking on translation work.

Checking the Qualities of Translators Work

Finally, after you have selected a translation company, monitor it closely. See if deadlines are adhered to strictly and if you receive a polished and error-free piece of translation work. Check that the key information, including numbers, dates, names of individuals and institutions have been correctly input into the translation work. Then scrutinise the translation for grammar, spelling and tense mistakes.


If you are satisfied with the quality of translation after the initial job has been done, continue to use this translation company for your other documents. Switch to another translation company or individual if your requirements are not met, just like how an astute client responds when dealing with other service providers.


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