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Konichiwa! That’s hello in Japanese! Due to the economic prowess of Japan, Japanese has become one of the major languages in the world, with more than 100 million speakers worldwide. Whether it is anime, pop songs or food, Japanese culture has made, and continue to make major contributions to the world.

If you are thinking about expanding your business presence to Japan, either via real stores or online, then you may find it beneficial to translate your brochures and website content to Japanese. The content may include product specifications, services provided, manuals, testimonies and the like.

If on the other hand, you are a Japanese citizen and have recently relocated to Singapore for work or study purposes, then you may need to have your identification cards, household registrations, marriage and educational certificates translated to English to ease your transition to Singapore.

If you have never had any translation work done before, you are probably not too familiar with how the whole process works. How does one find a suitable translator or translation company amidst the array of translation service providers? How does one ensure the quality of translation and whether the price is good and if deadlines can be met?

Engaging a reputable professional translation company

All these are good questions. Firstly, one should engage a reputable and professional translation company or translator to do one’s translation work. You can ask for recommendations from friends who have had their certificates translated before, or search for online reviews. Many translation companies will also provide a list of past clientele, which could increase your confidence in them.

Secondly, ask who will be doing the translation work. Even though there may be many people who can speak and use English and Japanese quite well, no one is equally good in both languages. Therefore, as a rule of thumb, professional translation agencies will use native Japanese translators to translate from English to Japanese, and native English speakers who are proficient in Japanese for Japanese to English translation. Of course, this is not an ironclad rule and exceptions abound.

 Translation processes

Thirdly, you can ask about the translation process. Reputable companies set up a robust and stringent system to ensure that the whole process runs smoothly and seamlessly.

The procedures from start-to-end of translation a document

A typical system works like this or you can visit here to find out more:

  • The client asks for and receives a quotation from the translation company for translation work
  • Client accepts and signs on the order form
  • The project manager takes over and assigns the job to a suitable translator, ensuring that the deadline is acceptable and the reference materials from client (if any) are faithfully passed to the translator
  • After the translation has been completed, it is sent to a proofreader/editor to check for factual and grammatical errors and typos.
  • The translator and the editor discuss about all the amendments required and the final copy is sent to the client
  • Client reads the copy and sends back any comments to the project manager
  • The translator addresses these queries and the revised version is sent back to client


As you can see, this can be quite a complicated process and problems can occur at any time. Therefore, it would be prudent to pay attention and choose a suitable and reliable translation service provider right from the onset, in order to smoothen the whole process. This can save much pain and heartache later.

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