Chinese Translation Services Singapore
We provide wide-range solutions to problems in various fields of different magnitudes including top-tier English to Chinese translation services in Singapore.

Chinese Translation Services Singapore

We provide wide-range solutions to problems in various fields of different magnitudes including top-tier English to Chinese translation services in Singapore.

Top-Notched Chinese Translation Services in Singapore

Translating documents to another language is a sensitive job, requiring a lot of skill and accuracy. If you’re seeking bilingual Chinese-English translation services in Singapore, there’s one company that does it well. At Professional Translation Services, we have a dedicated team of expert mandarin translators in Singapore waiting to help you with whatever document, certificate or text you need translated between English and Chinese.

Accurate Translation from a Dedicated Team

Globalisation has led to better work opportunities for many and as businesses continue to grow, a continuous streak of international manpower can be expected in Singapore.

With the local government opening more spots for foreign talents, we see an increasing trend of English to Chinese translation requests these days in Singapore. Here at Professional Translation Services, we assist in providing quality and timely delivery for English to Chinese Translation which can come in the form of various documents such as driving licences, individual certificates, advertising brochures, websites and many more for our clients in Singapore.

Although various companies are working closely with international clients from around the globe, English to Chinese translation remains one of the top most requested language pair within the translation industry in Singapore. We understand the need to deliver only the best and at Professional Translation Services, we partner up with qualified translators to ensure your documents are not only correctly translated but accurately proofread as well before sending out the final copies to our clients.

As we receive more requests for English to Chinese translation in Singapore, our team is steadily expanding to keep up with the industry’s demands. With more elaborate documents for translation, our competitive prices and completion timeline offer satisfying packages for clients engaging in our services. Rest assured your Chinese translation needs are our top priority here at Professional Translation Services in Singapore.

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Certificate translation can be a tricky job, but with Professional Translation, you don’t need to worry. Get in contact with our expert team to learn more about our Chinese translation services in Singapore.


BARD Communications

“We have been working with Professional Translation since 2013, and they have proved to be a bunch of efficient and responsible team. Their quality of translation work has been consistent and kudos to them for always providing extra miles to make sure our timeline is met.”

Ray Koh Creative Director

ALOE Digital

“Effective and great writing style, able to understand clients’ needs and propose content accordingly.We are happy to be able to work with Professional Translation, they have been a reliable and trusted partner all these years.”

Belinda Hong Business Director

A-Guard Environmental

“I have been using Professional Translation for my company website and brochure copywriting. They are attentive to my brief and respond promptly to my requests. The final copy was written to my satisfaction. Overall, I have a wonderful experience with them.”

Douglas Wang Director


“Professional Translation has consistently been prompt in their responses & services, always warm & professional. The years of working with them has always been a pleasure.”

Rina Lim Director
With Professional Translation Services


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