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At Professional Translation Services, we hire interpreters who work on both simultaneous (SI) and consecutive (CI) interpretation so that your audience is able to grasp your message.

In a conference setting, you have to exercise care and caution in hiring an interpreter with the right ability, knowledge or experience.

Hiring the Perfect Interpreter in Singapore

As important as it is to invite the right speaker to promote your product or service, a Conference Interpreter shares the same understanding about your content and has the experience to persuade and sell through accurate and timely interpretation.

Interpreting with accuracy and style can help convey the precise meaning and nuances between language communities. With no time for revision, immediate delivery and in real-time, the only way that an interpreter can carry it off is to have relevant knowledge in the field.

The two kinds of interpretation normally required at a business function, conference or event are:

  • Consecutive interpreting - The interpreter stands near or next to the speaker, listening and interpreting his/her speech, making notes and references easily and therefore ensures the most accurate translation content wise. This is most common during meetings and business functions.
  • Simultaneous interpreting – This usually involves a team of two interpreters sitting in a soundproof booth, working for periods of up to 20 minutes each at a time. They listen to the speaker through headsets and speak into a microphone. This may not be the most accurate form of translation for content. However, it ensures a broadcast to your audience at the same time the speaker is referencing a particular product feature, and it helps to enhance the important points of a mass conference.

We also arrange for the rental of the necessary equipment (amplifiers, soundproof booths, headsets and microphones) for the whole period of the conference or the event.

We provide interpretation services in Singapore for events such as:

  • Business meetings
  • Conferences
  • Conventions
  • Training sessions
  • Seminars
  • Workshops

At Professional Translation Services, we also understand that interpretation is a specialised skill that requires extensive training. And we assure you that our experts are the best when it comes to business interpretation services in Singapore. Call us now for a short discussion on how we can assist in your interpretation project or contact us using this inquiry form.

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